Sticky Business

Sticky Business

Did you know that the livery of the Orrcon FPR Falcon includes 100 different stickers? 

Well, it’s true, I counted them all at the recent round at Eastern Creek, okay, maybe I didn’t. However, the man who has this number is Doug Brumby of Signzone – the official ‘sticker’ man for the Ford Performance Racing team. 

For the past 15 years Doug has trekked across the country, and the world for that matter, as part of the V8 Supercar circus. Throughout this time Doug has lost count of the number of cars he has kitted out but it would have to be well into the hundreds. 

Using the Orrcon FPR Falcon as an example Doug recently took time out to explain what it takes to ‘sticker up’ a modern-day V8 Supercar. 

Once the car design has been finalised by the team and agreed to by all of the sponsors, the work begins for Doug and his team of hard working staff. 

A full day is spent laying out the stickers that are required to be cut and printed before the printing machine is put to work for almost a day and a half per car. During this printing process the Signzone staff work closely with the team’s painters to ensure the colours of the stickers and panels match. 

In the case of the Orrcon FPR Falcon there are 70 computer cut and 30 digitally printed stickers included in the design, making a total of 100 stickers. 

Once all of the stickers have been cut or printed it is then time for two staff members to spend a full day applying them to the racecar. They will apply over 50 metres of adhesive vinyl during this process. 

This is generally followed the next day by applying another set of stickers to spare panels, show cars or anything else that is required. 

All of this may sound pretty straight forward but the interesting part begins at the race track. The Signzone team consists of three staff at the major events such as Adelaide and Bathurst while two signwriters are present at every other round. 

It is here where they are on hand for not only the Ford Performance Racing team, but also the Holden Racing team, the HSV outfit, Perkin’s team, PWR and Ford Rising Stars Racing. If any of these ten cars have a bingle it is time for Signzone to go to work to ensure the cars are pristine before they take to the track again. 

When quizzed about his favourite car that he had completed Doug answered in a true political way - “All of the cars are equal in my eye, however, I do have a soft spot for the Orrcon GT car from last year.” 

So next time you see the Orrcon FPR Falcon have a go at seeing how many stickers you can count in the livery.

reprinted from the Orrcon Racing Newsletter 03/04/2008